John Kelly
Play Darts Online LIVE

Many Players around the world and in New Zealand have been playing online darts for years!  If you know John Kelly from Tauranga, you will know how good he is and how much playing online darts has improved his game.

So what is online darts?

Online darts provides an opportunity for players all around the world to play against one another live in your own home.  All you need is a web cam and a Skype account .

Players meet and play darts online viewing each others web cams to play a real time game at different points in the world.

As New Zealand has players from top to bottom and quality players are spread far and wide, it provides the perfect opportunity for players to compete regularly.

There are local and world leagues to compete in and John Kelly is the top man in New Zealand currently.

If you would like more information click the following link to go to the home page

Give it a try I am sure John would love the challenge!

John Kelly Set up