Maddog promotions in conjunction with DartsNZ will be hosting a series of NEW style darts events starting in 2016.  Loads of spot prizes, fun events and $1000's to be won.

Maddog promotions and DartsNZ will start with 4 'Mad on Darts' events between July 2016 and December 2016.  There will be a new style of qualification and ranking system for these events (details on the rankings pages).

Maddog Promotions and DartsNZ events endeavour to support the hosting clubs, by providing them the opportunities to profit from holding the events and provide an fantastic experience for players of all abilities.  These events encourage all players to participate, young and old, new and experienced players.  Even the top guys hit 26's, miss doubles and hate to chalk!  Now is your chance to get out of the garage, bring your mates, bring your family and have some fun playing darts.

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for, and these events can only be a success with your involvement.  No doubt, with the many new ideas and initiatives, we will make some mistakes on the way.  What we promise is that we will learn from them, listen to the players and develop the sport of darts in New Zealand.

Please support these events by talking to players, sharing the information and playing darts.  Together we can make darts even bigger in New Zealand.

So if you are MAD on Darts, get yourself to these events and see what it's all about!